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Some of these places are falling apart by the slow determined hand of nature, while some of these scenes came about as a result of the deliberate wanton acts of those with perhaps nothing better to do.


Regardless of the catalyst, the decay of these buildings goes on unabated. The Mental Health Care infrastructure, after taking two hundred years of persistence and dedication by the likes of Thomas Hancock, Francois Fauquier, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Kirkbride, Dorthea Dix, Clifford Beers, and countless others to construct, is now quietly crumbling into ruins.

Sinking into nature, or falling to the wrecking ball to make way for parking lots and luxury townhouses, these once proud and hopeful structures are now in the waning moments of their lives. A blink of the eye and they’ll all be gone forever and with them the memories and lives of the thousands that once called them home.