The Greystone Park Hospital Page

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The New Jersey State Hospital at Greystone Park is still an active inpatient and outpatient hospital with only a few biuldings unused. The centerpiece of the facility is the most institutional looking and austere Kirkbride I've ever seen. It sits crowded by parking lots and unkempt landscaping, completely devoid of any of the typical garish victorian embellishments. Situated on only the most modest incline, the view of - and from - the Kirkbride is uninspiring and surely contrary to the good doctor's plan.

The handful of buildings which are abandoned are reasonably secure and sit directly accross the street from a police station. These facts, along with the place's out-of-the-way location has preserved it from any notable vandalism or plundering. The mostly unboarded windows supply abundant warm natural lighting and all the discarded trappings of institutional life remain to create an incredible atmosphere. Every hall feels at once both inviting and forboding, each room feels pooled with memories and emotion.