The Sea View Rehab Center Page

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The Sea View Rehab Center is mostly still in operation, though there are several buildings which have been abandoned. One whole corner of the campus seems completely forgotten. This is where we find these dorms and cottages, long since left to face the elements alone. The steel and concrete portions of the structures remain undaunted, but the wood and plaster has rotted away.

The center of the campus features several interesting looking buildings, scattered amongst a lot of active buildings. The ammount of activity there prevents easy access to the other structures.

This patient cottage seems to be the worst of the lot. Furthest from the active sections, it is in the worst condition with its slate roof completely collapsed.

For some reason every asylum dorm building seems to be equipped with a fireplace. Unfortunately they all seem to have an unwelcoming institutional look about them.

This building is perched high on a hill overlooking a small creek. The bottom floor windows have been bricked off and the steel doors locked. Security cameras also protect this building from daytime explorers.