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shocking new stuff!

OK, this is the page where I have every intention of posting links to my new or updated sections, not that that'll be too often, but it's better than having to plod through the site looking around on the off chance that I've decided to grace the world with some new material. (yes, kids... I'm being facetious)

I'll also be posting links and whatnot to other irrelevant web content that I think is worth looking into. For example: this is good quality stuff.


I had a discussion lately about the layout of this site and how confusing it might seem.


Can't read my links? Tough.

Animation? Ain't gonna happen. Meaningful content can be surrounded by simplicity as well as it can be obscured by unnecessary fluff.

When I laid this site out I specifically did not want the same template derrived cookie-cutter site as everyone else on the web. That meant no E-Z Menu down the left hand edge of the screen, for that matter, why include a single comprehensive menu at all? Anyone that I'd actually want at this site should be up for a little exploring, so the layout was done with a building lobby in mind - where several halls go off in different directions and never lead back to each other. At some point I hope to have enough content down each 'hallway' that a person could spend some serious time wandering each corridor going from room to room or page to page. Of course that content would have to be worth spending some time with, and to that end I not only beg the indulgence of your patience, but also offer that I am not above suggestions that would help me reach this goal.

So, are there any features or articles missing here that would fit in well? Any content that doesn't fit in well? Any pictures that just totally suck? Let me know. My email address is around here someplace - you just have to find it.


Added a link to DanversStateInsaneAsylum in an effort to placate it's particularly whiney webmaster.


The infamous Greystone Park... Ember rules, John's a dick.

Greystone Park


Mike Dijital used to have this great little website wrapped around a fantastic forum. It was a community of UE'ers originally concentrating on New England, but then spread to the entire North East US region. Unfortunately the NEUEA is dead now, but we still have The AbandonSpaces Forum.

Which is how I wound up in New York a second time meeting a group of total strangers in a WalMart parking lot two miles west of East Bumblefuck. Not exactly what I thought I'd be doing when I grew up.

As it turns out, Ratfink Dan, 'Snows, Starman, and CVO were great guys, and I had a blast. Most of all though, Harlem Valley was incredible - friendly security, spacious tunnels, and plenty of monkey cages. Yes kids, monkey cages. Nothing says 'welcome' to a group of explorers like walking through a dark door into a chicken wire cage with straw all over the floor and a trapeze made of sapling trunks.

Lights on/lights off, suicidal birds, toasty warm basements, giant candy canes, a mouse biting the big one, beautiful necklace, workout/torture equipment, hey-who's twenty bucks? two ton block of ice where the steps should be, gallery-o-bird-carcasses, a shower of plaster coming down the ladder... and best of all - one cold assed rooftop with a view to die for.

And, yeah, I'll tell 'em I'm your teacher.

Harlem Valley Psych


I just updated with an annoying little quick menu scroll out in the upper laft corner of the screen. Hopefully it'll make navigating this mass a little less of a bother. Only the main pages are listed, I figured putting every page on there would be unwieldy.

let me know what you think


It's January, right? And a damned cold one at why wouldn't you go north for the weekend and check out some old mental hospitals? 11:30pm the night before... the phone rings - plans change, can't leave at 5:00am, have to be on the road by 2:00 - can't get ahold of the guy who was supposed top keep me awake in the car so I have to go alone - no sleep in 24 hours? So what, get your priorities straight. Pack the car (where the fuck are my goddamn gloves!). Drive. Realize you forgot more stuff. Keep driving.

4:00am Still driving...making good time, should be early. Almost to the NY border.

5:15am WooHoo! made it to the hospital on time... wait - this address is a closed down dry cleaners in the middle South Dumpsterville, New York. This sucks. Can't find a pay phone.

5:45am Screw it, I'm lost, four hours from home, middle of the night, it's 3 degrees out, and the closest thing in sight to a Kirkbride is a Lutheran church two blocks over that still has all its windows intact. My fingers are frozen to a payphone that's probably covered in more bacteria than your average $25 hooker when Mike Dijital answers the phone with... "hold on, I'm in the john right now..."

DSIA knows where I'm at - they'll be by to pick me up in five... Fifteen minutes later I'm thinking about how warm my bed would be about now when a red car blows past, almost stops long enough to signal me to follow...

45 in a 25... hey, wasn't that a cop? Light up the tires around a corner... never knew a chevy cavalier could move like this... does he notice those yellow stripes down the middle of the road?

screeching halt... wow, TWO security trucks right accross the street... do they notice us staring at them? Best idea yet: let's walk up and ask the guards!

Locked doors... tall fences... foot prints ALL OVER the fresh snow cover... DSIA runs past (are we busted?)... look, somebody found a way in...

My family wonders why I do this, sometimes so do I. Three asylums in two days with the boys from the NEUEA...

Hudson Valley Psych

King's Park


Saturday was one of the coldest days of the year in north Jersey, so what better to do than go trapsing about the woods in search of empty buildings. This time around, the target was Sea View Hospital and Rehab Center

This particular trip was hosted by (some guy), whose site ( Some Random Site) does this place far better justice than I. We arrived cold and early at the place, and set off for a trek through the woods to find the fabled Seaview Rehab Center. Half an hour later we were negeotiating sticker bush patches and broken fence lines, trying to get a feel for the best way into the campus.

We failed.

The central campus is far too active for an unplanned daytime incursion, so we contented ourselves with a tour of the periphery buildings. Did I mention it was cold? Well it was, but the cameras still worked so who was I to complain. Two clusters of large patient cottages sit away from the hospital in the woods. The structures themselves were interesting, if not repetitive, Featuring a beautiful gothic staircase on either end of the building. The staircases seem to have been cast as a single piece offsite and attached to the brickwork after. I don't know a whole lot about architectural methods of the early 20th century , but this seemed interesting to me.

Then we folowed the perimeter of the fenceline to a larger and newer looking building on the other side of the campus. In an effort to protect the lives of the innocent, I won't go into a lot of detail about the events that followed that fateful winter day, but the phrase 'Hey, is that a security camera?' is about when it all started to go down hill.

All in all it was a good (did I mention cold?) day, and MAD PROPS go to (some guy), not just for finding this place - despite my questionable navigation skills - but also for putting up with me for five straight hours - no mean feet, that!

So do give his site a look, ( Some for some excellent pictures and a far better write-up of this dabacle.

So since I haven't put up any new pictures for a few weeks now - since I added the winter pics of Byberry, I've decided to kick off the Updates Page with a link to someone else's creativity and hard work...

Scribbledaway's Idle Commentary on I know it's a lot of words, with no pretty pictures to ease your ADD, but do make an effort to read it through.

While you're there take a look around. There are some really excellent pictures and stories on that site as well.